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Gail Calhoun

President, Calhoun Consulting, Inc.

Informative, motivational and entertaining, Gail is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. She’s known for getting audiences to think differently about how they communicate and why authenticity and effective leadership are inextricably linked.

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Consultative Selling Workshops

Our training helps build the necessary skills to ask good questions, uncover needs, and provide powerful solutions in every meeting.

Presentation Skills Training

Become a more comfortable, compelling and effective speaker. Calhoun can help you get there.

Leadership Development

From analyzing and building leadership bench strength to launching culture changing initiatives, Calhoun helps organizations develop and retain top talent.

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222 South Ninth Street, Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 339-2206

Our Clients Say

“ Validated the need to be authentic, organized and coordinated in our approach to clients, prospects and partners.”

— P. Bianchi

“Calhoun helped me at a critical time in my state senate campaign - and we won!”

— J. Brochin, State Senator

“I haven't ever met two presenters more gifted in communication skills. You've challenged me to raise my verbal game. Thank you!”

— M. Elfers

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